The exhibitions of the museum are related to the local history of Szerencs and represent the economy of large collections. The history of the small town of Hegyalja and the famous historical family, the Rákóczi family, are intertwined at several points. The exhibition entitled Zsigmond Rákóczi and his age presents this connection and the life path of the prince. The other two viewable exhibitions illustrate the colorful and varied world of postcards and the thematic economy of the popular small graphic genre, exlibris.
kepeslap kiallitas

The world of the postcard

The new permanent exhibition of the Zemplén Museum in Szerencs discloses the most important collection of the institute, the internationally known postcard collection to the visitors.

rakoczi kiallitas

Rákóczi Zsigmond and the medieval times

The history of the Rákóczi family, that became more and more wealthy and highly respected since the beginning...

csoki kiallitas

Mementos from the history of the chocolateproduction in Szerencs

The modern history of Szerencs is closely related to the factories of the town: the history of the sugar and chocolate factory.

ex libris kiallitas

Ex libris of Fery Antal

Fery Antal grafic designer was an important artist of the hungarian grafic art of the 20th century, his favourite genre was the small graphic made with the woodcut technique. He created a significant amount of these type of graphics.

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