The curiosity and richness of a museum is ensured by its collections. The Zemplén Museum is in a fortunate position because it has two collections of considerable size and can be considered a curiosity in their subject matter. The one million sized postcard collection and the collection of 35,000 ex libris provide opportunities for museum activity that few institutions can boast of.
kepeslapok gyujtemenyek

Postcard collection

The postcard collection of the Zemplén Museum in Szerencs was founded by the donation of dr. Petrikovits László dentist and doctor. By the time of the donation there were four-hundred thousand...

ex libris gyujtemenyek

Ex libris collections

Beside the postcards, the Zemplén Museum also has an ex libris collection of thirty-five thousand pieces. The ex libris is a small sized, copied graphic, that is glued on the inner page of the book.

Object collection

Szerencs, the small town located in northeast Hungary, at the gate of Hegyalja, has rich historical heritage.


The Zemplén Museum in Szerencs also has a book collection of four-thousand and four-hundred pieces, these were donated to the institute, and the collection continously grows.


There are three-thousand and four-hundred records in the database of the Zemplén Museum. These are mostly original and copied written documents...

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